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Where it started, long, long ago
This picture was taken in 1962 when, at 19, yours truly was an eager young apprentice in the Royal Rhodesian Air Force. I retired eighteen years later at the dizzy rank of Warrant Officer, with a small pension and a medal for long service and undetected laziness and having had the finest training available anywhere in the world.
I am intensely proud of my military service and of the role we played. I had the honour to serve with, and under, some of the most professional people imaginable and the life lessons learned has stood me in good stead.

No 11 Course - a top bunch of appies!
A fine bunch of men! (Boys?)

Four Squadron - and the mighy Trojan!
We worked hard, we played hard.

We had Lion Red too! (and real lions)
My Trog, Dela's beer, Rob's camera, I think.

Two Squadron, SAAF, cica 1974
From the ridiculous to the sublime...
From the Trojan to the Mirage IIICZ ...
From 110 knots to Mach 2.2!