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John Pringle has been in and around the local technology business arena since migrating to New Zealand in 1984, continuing an eight year career with the Science and Industry Division of the electronics multinational, Philips. This was followed by senior sales and marketing positions with Connector Systems and another multinational, AMP. (Now part of Tyco.) He was on the comittee of EXPANZ for four years, the final year as Chair. A volunteer business mentor with BITC (Enterprise North Shore) he has also served on the advisory boards of the University of Auckland, School of Engineering, Department of Continuing Education and the Electrenz Schools liaison committee.

Information Technology

  • One-on-one computer training using the Microsoft suite of products, including word processing, spreadsheets and basic database management. We can take you to the level where you can sit the International Computers Drivers Licence (ICDL) examinations.

  • Web development. We have an enviable combination of marketing and technical skills to develop a website that best suits your image, needs and culture. We can also offer competitive hosting and email services. The talking is free, however we do charge for results!

Business Management and Marketing
  • Marketing projects, including feasability studies, market research or assistance with the development of Sales Action Plans, Marketing Plans, strategy development and the like. We can coach or mentor your marketing team, or just simply do the work on a contract basis. All charges are based on measurable results!

  • Management and HR projects, like finding that special person for that particular vacancy.

  • Health and Safety Systems, advice and consultancy.